Operation Farm – Visioning Workshops tender

1. Summary
Operation Farm has received funding from the Local Food Fund to carry out a small feasibility study. As part of that study we wish to bring together key stakeholders is a series of themed visioning workshops. We are seeking a contractor to work with us to help plan, structure and deliver these workshops.

To apply please send:

– a short document (no more than 2 sides of A4) outlining your approach to the workshop delivery (see brief for elements to address)

– a brief CV (no more than 2 sides of A4) outlining your organisational record

Deadline: 5pm, Tuesday 3rd may 2011

Send submissions or enquiries to: operationfarm@gmail.com

2. In depth
Established in 2009, Operation Farm is a community group created to investigate and, if feasible, instigate the creation of a community farm project in the Tameside and Glossop area. The concept wasinitiated by local people andhas received support from the local authority and NHS, including commissioners, and from the wider community and environmental action groups.

We can demonstrate a need, for creative approaches to health care and preventative health interventions, as well asfor community growing land, all of which our project would satisfy. We wish to employ appropriate consultants to carry out a feasibility study to present to stakeholders and possible funders and take the project to the next stage.

Feasibility project stages:

The Feasibility study as a whole will be oranised into the following stages. This tender is for stage 2 only, the visioining workshops:

1. Stakeholder research to profile relevant partners and interest groups both statutory and non-statutory. As part of this work these stakeholders will be approached to assess potential involvement in the project. (Carried out by Operation Farm)

2. Visioning workshop sessions facilitated by community food specialists to create a unified vision for the project amongst key stakeholders identified in stage 1 and the wider community.

3. Translating the vision to reality with the creation of a business plan addressing key issues such as legal structure, identification of income streams and an outline of financing options including potential for grants, loans and community share issues etc. (Carried out by Operation Farm)

The successful contractor will have full access to the research collated in stage 1 and full communication with the researchers.

3. Brief
The objective of the workshops are to establish key stakeholders’ vision for the farm; what relevant local needs it might address, how organisations could benefit from its services and what income streams they might contribute and/or require to use it.

Please quote for the delivery of five stakeholder workshop sessions, each workshop will have a separate theme, ie mental health, young people, local growing, environmental groups, as identified in stage 1 research of the project.

We require you to:

– come up with a workshop format to help deliver our objectives (including a time plan)

– to facilitate the workshop

– to supply Operation Farm with a set of workshop notes summarising discussions

– to oversee the hire of a venue

– to supply any relevant workshop materials

Please include in your quote an estimate of:

– venue hire

– costings for lunch

A track record of delivering successful visioning and/or development for Third Sector or community initiatives and some knowledge of local food sector would be an advantage.

Please include a breakdown of time and your hourly or daily rate, please state clearly whether you charge VAT.

Attendees to the workshop will be drawn from the research carried out in stage 1, workshop bookings will be handled by Operation Farm. We anticipate 10-15 attendees per workshop.

Operation Farm will work with the successful contractor to decide exactly which themes and stakeholder interest groups will be addressed in the workshops.

The successful contractor will report back to a member of the Operation Farm committee.