BandStand – a grand day out

We had a great day at BandStand on Sunday 10th April 2011, with around 2,000 people enjoying some great music and some lovely local food in the warm spring sunshine.

There were all kinds of food stalls on offer as we tried to showcase ‘the Hyde diet’, food sourced from the area with an emphasis on local favourites. We had Halal Indian, vegan, local salads, locally sourced meat and the usual excellent offerings from the Park Cafe. The usual Haggle and Barter was there as well with an amazing spring giveaway of fresh veg and flowers.

Many thanks to Single Cell Collective who co-organised the event, with the Victorian band stand showcasing acts throughout the day. We have to mention them all: SR Downes, Tao of Steve, Nay Medici, Glass Ankle, Phil Davies, Samson and Delilah and the ever amazing Honeyfeet who had the crowd dancing and clapping along.

It was such a success we’re all up for doing it again!