Pruning in the sunshine!

11 keen fruit growers, including some Tameside Abundance volunteers had a really enjoyable morning on Sunday in Hyde Park Community Orchard learning about pruning fruit trees in summer.

Following a demonstration of the basics of fruit tree pruning, the group set to work on the cherry and plum trees, guided by Sam Bolton from Greater Manchester Ecology Unit and Grafting for Orchards – Greater Manchester Orchard Project.  Sam also gave us a bonus demonstration of budding, hopefully giving new life to a decapitated pear tree in the orchard.

 The orchard was looking lovely in the sun, and Sam also helped us identify some of the wildflowers in the meadow below. It was great to see bees and other pollinators enjoying the wildflowers as much as the other visitors to the orchard!

Operation Farm would like to say a big “thank you” to Sam for leading a really informative and practical session for us, as well as the Big Lottery and FCFCG in partnership with the Community Green Space Awards Project for funding support, and of course all the great folks who came along to hone their skills on the trees in the orchard.

See you all in the winter hopefully, when we take the secateurs to the apple and pear trees!