Autumn Festival event – what to bring


Our Autumn Festival event is midday-3pm, this Sunday 13th October in Hyde Park, Hyde.
If you’re planning on attending here’s a few things to bring and bear in mind.

Stuff to bring:

  • anything home-grown or home-made to swap or donate; it’s an Autumn Festival!
  • apples or pears: we can juice them for you
  • sterilised bottles – plastic or glass – for you to take juice home with you
  • sunshine and smiles!

Stuff to bear in mind:

  • If it’s a little bit wet we have a Plan B for everything, don’t worry, come along and you’ll have loads of fun!
  • Kids Fun – if fine weather will be on the orchard, it’s 50m from Bayley Hall and the rest of the event to make the effort and take a look
  • Cooking demo – will be in the back training room at Bayley Hall, don’t miss them and take a look!
  • If you’re Tweeting use the #HydeHarvestEvent and reference @OperationFarm