Waste Not Want Not – September Update

Operation Farm’s Waste Not Want Not project has been running for nearly a month now. We’ve been super busy, here’s a run down of what’s been going on…

Tameside Youth event
Saturday 7th September 2013

Terry - Youth Event

  • 147 fruit kebabs
  • Mr Pickles our wonderful scarecrow was created
  • A good opportunity to showcase and discuss the Hyde Park community orchard
  • Comments from a parent “My kids love fruit more than me, it’s not them you need to convince it’s me. But I really like the way you’ve done that fruit kebab, I might try it.”.

Mossley Horticulture Show
Saturday 14th September 2013

Mossley - jam

  • What was cooked
    • Red lentil & tomato soup
    • Watercress soup
    • Courgette & garlic soup
    • Beetroot and carrot salad
    • Guacamole
    • Carrot & almond salad
    • Yogurt, mint & honey dip
    • Crudités
    • Bread & garlic sticks
    • Courgette cake
  • 127 people watched the cook off
  • 120+ entries in the horticulture show
  • 35kg of locally grown donated vegetables – including broad beans, runner beans, curly kale, herbs, new potatoes, courgettes
  • 200+ attended the event
  • Lots of interest and questions about vegan food, gluten free options, seasonality and local suppliers
  • Woodland activities – cooked on an open fire, melted chocolate in a hollowed out pumpkin. Kids dipped fruit sticks into the melted chocolate
  • 60 people helped us to create 40 beautiful sparkly fruit sculptures which will adorn the orchard at the Harvest Event in October

People First Tameside
Preserves workshop

Jam jars

  • 42Kg recycled glass jars
  • 19kg donated veg
  • 33kg fruit collected
  • 23 people attended
  • Home-made bread, scones and cakes donated
  • Sainsburys & Tesco donated over £40 of store cupboard ingredients
  • Comment – “really enjoyed all of the session, the food was lovely and I’ve got a very full belly!”


Compost workshops at Hyde Park Community Orchard and New Charter Housing


  • Two compost bins built from reclaimed wood
  • Lots of people trained in how to better compost waste food and fruit
  • New partnerships formed


Local press
We’ve had plenty of coverage in the local press…


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