Want to see Operation Farm happen? Get in touch!

Our vision for Operation Farm is the creation of a space in Tameside that can be used by all the community to get involved in growing food and learning new skills.

From the work we’ve already carried locally out we know there’s quite a demand. We know both individuals and local community and voluntary organisations would use the farm so we’re carrying out a feasibility study to build detailed evidence of this.

If  you think you or an organisation you’re involved with might benefit from a community-owned and run farm then please email us operationfarm@gmail.com if you leave contact details we promise to get in touch.

So get in touch if you’re a local charity, housing association, an interested tenants and residents group, an arm of the council or any kind of community and voluntary group. We’ve not got a specific location in mind at the moment, we’re looking at all areas of Tameside.