Grow your own the organic way at Hyde Park Community Allotments


A free course in growing vegetables organically, for beginners or people with limited experience. Learn some basic skills to put into practice in your garden, allotment or just in containers at home. The sessions will be relaxed and practical and you’ll learn as we work together on the community allotment plot.

At the end of the course we’ll have a celebration meal in the community orchard to enjoy some of what has been grown on the plot in the preceding months.

Course starts 14th April. Sessions are free but we ask that you commit to all the sessions as spaces are very limited!

Sesssion Dates: (Tuesday afternoons 2 – 5pm)

  1. Getting started – what and where to grow (14th April)
    Where can you grow vegetables, crop rotation and choosing what to grow
  2. Get ahead and start seeds indoors (21st April)
    Why, how and when to sow indoors!
  3. All about soils (28th April)
    How to find out what soil you have and look after it organically
  4. Sustainability in the veg garden (5th May)
    Reduce, reuse and recycle, encourage beneficial wildlife & use companion plants
  5. Sowing outdoors (19th May)
    Prepare a seed bed and sow vegetables & flower seeds straight into the ground
  6. Planting out and supporting plants (26th May)
    Plant out your veg plants and make a pea/ bean support
  7. Container grown vegetables: (2nd June)
    An intro to growing veg in containers, and sow / plant edibles to take home
  8. Caring for plants (9th June)
    The essentials of mulching and watering, feeding and weeding!
  9. Pests and diseases the organic way: (16th June)
    Common veggie pests and diseases and organic ways to avoid them!
  10. Get composting! (30th June)
    The cornerstone of the organic garden – a practical guide to compost making
  11. Herbs in the veg garden (7th July)
    Easy herbs to try growing, their uses and take cuttings to grow on at home
  12. Enjoying the harvest (July 22nd)
    When and how to harvest vegetables and taste the harvest at a celebration picnic!

To enquire about enrolling, please contact Anna on 07480 531509 or
Enrolment day: Tuesday 31st March